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Did you know mental health problems can manifest as physical symptoms?

This morning, at our team meeting, we were re-capping on our last month of business. The usual, what went well, what went not-so-well; just an overall reflection. We got chatting, and were amazed by the conversation that began between our therapists. We spoke about the other side of being a therapist, away from the physical pain-relief, injury aid and overall physical improvements we strive for with our clients.

We spoke about the mental side of things, and we were amazed that every single one of us felt as though they made truly caring and trusting relationships with their clients. We have a strict confidentiality policy here at Thai Clinic, so you can always be sure that what is discussed or disclosed between you and the therapist, does not go anywhere else.

So the question we were left pondering over this morning was did all of our clients feel better because of the physical treatment/rehabilitation alone, or could it have been that hour-long chat that accompanied it? Could it have been the fact the client was finally being listened to, and felt able to confide in our therapists about their issues?

The answer is – we don’t really mind which it is! Here at Thai Clinic, we truly believe a problem shared is a problem halved. We aren’t professionals in counselling or psychology, but we are professionals in caring, friendliness and making everybody who comes to the clinic feel as though they belong.

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