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Massage Table
Massage Table

🏠 Welcome to Pain Solution's Rental Spaces! 🌿✨

Spaces to Elevate Your Practice:

  • Treatment Rooms: Fully equipped with electric massage tables, oils, towels, couch rolls, and more. Ensure a strain-free experience with height adjustments and assisted positioning features.

  • Studio: Ideal for yoga and pilates classes, offering small group sessions.

What We Offer:

  • Treatment Room Amenities:

    • Electric Massage Tables: Optimal comfort with height adjustments and assisted positioning features.

    • Convenient Location: Ladytown Business Park, just off exit 10 M7, between Naas and Newbridge in Co. Kildare.

    • Free Parking: Hassle-free parking for you and your clients.

    • Complimentary Relaxation Room: Enhance your client's experience with a tranquil space at no extra cost.

    • Refreshments On Us: Enjoy free tea and coffee.

    • Staff Room & Kitchen: A dedicated space for therapists to relax and refuel.

  • Studio Amenities:

    • Ideal for Yoga & Pilates: Create an intimate setting for small group sessions.

    • Fully Equipped: Your space is ready with all the props and equipment you need.

    • Convenient Location: Same prime location in Ladytown Business Park.



  • Versatility: Choose the space that suits your practice, whether it's one-on-one therapy or small group classes.

  • 10 Years of Client Base: Leverage our established clientele for your sessions or classes.

Booking Made Easy:

  • Seamless Reservations: Our user-friendly system ensures a hassle-free booking process.

  • Flexible Hours: Choose from time slots that suit your schedule.

  • Walk-In, Hands-Free: Arrive, and everything is set up for your sessions.

Why Choose Pain Solution:

  • Elevate Your Practice: From individual sessions to group classes, our spaces are designed for success.

  • Convenience Redefined: Prime location, versatile spaces, and all the amenities you need.

  • Client-Focused Experience: Your clients will love the peaceful ambience and complimentary extras.

  • Established Client Base: Benefit from our 10 years of building a trusted clientele.

Ready to take your practice to the next level? Whether it's a Treatment Room or Studio, book your space now at Pain Solution! 🌟🌿

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