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Thai Clinic Massage Oil Choice – Revealed!

Here at the Thai Clinic, we pride ourselves in the detail we put into every part of the treatment; every detail is chosen specifically to offer the best experience possible. From the room lighting, to music and scent – all down to the type of oil used. Through years of experience and trying out different oils, Thai Clinic had no hesitation in choosing olive oil for optimal massage experience. Olive oil is commonly known for its health benefits as a food group, but not many people know the extended benefits it offers when it is used on the skin. See below a handful of the benefits from using this oil:

  1. 1. Pain and Swelling Relief – olive oil is commonly used for medicinal purposes in Asia. It is known to relieve inflammation, swellings, aches and muscle spasms. This essentially ‘piggybacks’ on the pain-relieving effects of massage and stretching that we do here in Thai Clinic, to provide the best possible outcome from treatment.

2. Moisturises Skin – olive oil prevents dry skin from the external application, alongside nourishment of the inner layers of skin, resulting in soft and smooth skin.

3. Antioxidant – olive oil acts as an antioxidant for the body, which prevents free-radical formation that could potentially damage cells, with some research suggesting free-radicals being causative of cancer. This antioxidant content also prevents ageing of the skin, to keep your body’s skin youthful and glowing.

4. High Vitamin Levels – Vitamins A, D, E and K are found in olive oil. These vitamins allow for healthy skin maintenance, alongside treating skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

5. Antibacterial Effects – As if this oil needed any more reasoning to be our Massage Oil of choice, some small studies have found antibacterial properties in the oil. Antibacterial is certainly the theme of 2020 so far, so why not have the oil match it.

For any previous customers of Thai Clinic, you know yourself the feeling of this massage oil on your body, and the amazing effects afterward! For anybody unfamiliar with the effects of this oil, coupled with our expertly trained therapists – book an appointment today!

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