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Why You Need to Get Mom a Massage Gift Card this Mother’s Day

You love your mom, right? You want to use Mother’s Day to show her just how much you care and appreciate everything she does for you. So, you don’t want to be giving her gifts that scream ‘no effort’ you want to put a little thought into what will make her happy.

You could just buy chocolate –but come on, she can buy that for herself and she’s probably on a diet anyway. When you buy your momchocolates for Mother’s Day, what you’re really doing is hoping she’ll eat a few of the, say “I can’t have any more, I’ll get fat” and pass you the box to finish. That’s crafty, but not the best gift for the most important woman in your life,

Clothes? You might know she loves that pretty top in Target but do you know her dress size? Perhaps you could sneak into her bedroom and check out the sizes of her other tops but isn’t that all just a bit like hard work? And you KNOW how much trouble women have with getting clothes that fit, even if they are the right size. Just don’t go there.

Flowers? All women love flowers, right? They are pretty, and she’ll probably love them for a few days, but when the petals start to drop, and the blooms start to droop, they aren’t as much fun. Let’s not even go there with throwing them out when the water starts to smell…

What about an ornament? Honestly? Have you seen how many of those things she has around the house? Some of them she really doesn’t even like, you know. That’s right, the ones she hides behind the others and only gets out on full display when the person that gave them to her visits…you don’t want to be THAT person do you? Besides, it’s just more dusting to do and nobody wants to have to do more dusting.

Really, Mom wants to be spoiled and pampered on Mother’s Day. And let’s be honest here, she also needs a break from you. Give your Mom what she really wants for a change –leave the flowers and chocolates in the store and invest in a gift card for her favourite massage therapist instead. That way, she’ll be a happy Mom, a relaxed Mom, and you will get a shot at being the favourite child for a while…

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