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Muscle recovery balm

Muscle recovery balm

Experience the trusted power of our Muscle Recovery Balm, a staple in Thai households, now available for shipping in Ireland. While inspired by the renowned Tiger Balm, our unique blend is designed to deliver targeted relief from a multitude of discomforts. 


Our Muscle Recovery Balm is handcrafted and infused with a combination of natural ingredients. Wintergreen serves as an analgesic, Menthol reduces inflammation and offers a therapeutic cooling sensation, while Camphor improves circulation and provides a warming effect on the skin. 


Perfect for easing muscle aches, strains, tension headaches, and joint pain, this balm is an effective remedy. Its versatility extends to also serving as an insect repellant, an antiseptic for wounds, and a luxurious bath oil, demonstrating its multi-purpose value.

Exercise caution while applying our balm; avoid sensitive areas, broken skin, inflamed skin, and test on a small patch of your forearm before wider use. It is not advised to use it an hour before or after exposure to hot conditions, or on skin warmed by other products.


Store the Muscle Recovery Balm safely, away from children, and refrain from using it on children under 12 unless prescribed by a healthcare professional.


Our Muscle Recovery Balm, organically crafted in Ireland, brings the essence of Thai healing into your home, providing you with natural, effective relief whenever you need it. Feel the difference with our unique formulation, and let the healing begin.

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